Drone Gun

Drone Gun is a popular directional UAV jamming device, offering portability and quick responsiveness to counter UAV threats effectively.

UAV quadcopters and drones, have become increasingly troublesome, posing risks to both your privacy and security due to their growing affordability and availability. Recent events have highlighted a rapidly emerging danger caused from commercially accessible small UAVs. However, it is important to note that the true hazard lies not in the UAVs themselves, but rather in the payload they carry. Depending on the UAV category, the payload’s maximum weight can reach 2-3 kg or potentially exceed it.
Destructive payloads encompass a wide range of possibilities, including propaganda banners, cameras, microphones, explosives, and hazardous materials capable of inflicting harm on both installations and individuals.
Stratign’s Handheld Drone Jammer (Drone Gun) is a kind of directional UAV jamming device, which is one of the popular jamming devices in the market. This light weight, gun shaped UAV jammer is a portable weapon against UAV, which is a great advantage, providing great flexibility and the opportunity to respond and protect quickly.

System Features

Light Weight
Weight is approximately 2.53kg without gunsight, so it is easy to carry, good for fast operation and has high efficiency.
Frequency Bands
6 frequencies emission, defeating most civilian UAVs.
Long Operating Hours
Two Lithium Battery to ensure continuous working for more than 2 hours.
Lower EM Pollution
High gain directional antenna, the electromagnetic pollution is small.
Gun Sight
The long-range gun sight, which comes as optional, helps in proper aiming at the drone and thus increases the efficiency.
Long Range
The Drone Gun has a range of approx. 1.5 km to 2 km.

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