Stratign has multiple anti-drone solutions ranging from only jammers to a fully integrated solution with radars, cameras, etc integrated. The solutions are available for ranges from 1 km to 5 km.

UAV Quadcopter and drones are becoming a nuisance and can compromise your privacy and security as they are becoming cheaper and more available day by day. Several incidents within the last years revealed that there is a rapidly emerging threat caused by small commercially available UAVs. Nevertheless, the actual threat is not caused by the UAV itself but by the payload the UAV is carrying. Depending on the category of the UAV, the maximum weight of the payload could be 2-3 kg or even more. Harmful payloads could be anything from banners used for propaganda to cameras or microphones used
for espionage to explosives or biological/chemical substances to either damage installations or directly harm people. Finally, the payload could also be contraband.
The rapidly growing use of mini and small sized drones and quadcopter combined with recent technological advances, has dramatically increased the risk of these systems being utilized for hostile activities.
Stratign’s Integrated Drone Defense System is based on a multi-sensor and Jammer fusion approach. The system operates on the principle of “Detect – Locate – Identify – Act” workflow. “Detect” is about the earliest as possible information gathering associated with a potential upcoming threat. To take further action, it is important to “Locate” the actual position of the drone. Since the threat is at this stage still potential, it will then be evaluated by the “Identify” step. As a result, non-hostile detections will be separated from the hostile ones. If the threat is identified as hostile it will be classified as an actual threat which will then be intercepted in the “Act” phase.
The system makes use of multiple sensors such as Radar, RF detector, etc. for the detection of drones. The direction finders with the RF detector and the radars allows for locating the drone, a combination of High-Performance Thermal Camera and special algorithms helps identification, and the RF jammer unit makes the drone inactive by jamming the control signal and navigation signals
Stratign’s Anti Drone System has an effective range from 1 km to 5 km radius depending on the selected configuration.

System Features

System Range
The system can Detect, Locate, Identify, Disrupt UAVs navigation system and data links up to 5000 mt.
Active Solution
Handles most of the Commercial Drones.
Integrated RF Detection
Integrated RF sensor and jammer solution for instantaneous action on detection of drones.
DF Capability
Capability of locating direction and position of drone using RF sensors and direction finders.
Highly configurable as static, portable or vehicle-based systems based on customer requirement.
Easily Deployable
Easily deployable in rural and urban environments.
Manual or Automatic Operation
Option to operate manually or automatically for detection and jamming.
Multiple Targets
The jamming system can work against multiple targets (up to 40) simultaneously.
Jams GNSS and Data Links
Jamming system has the capability to jam all types of global navigation satellite systems and to also disrupt different UAV command and control communication links employed by the UAV data links.

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