The H/V/UHF Monitoring and DF System can be used in various scenarios depending up on the mission requirement.

Stratign offers Tactical and Strategic VHF/UHF radio signal Direction Finding (DF) Systems which has been designed for the purpose of providing Defence and intelligence agencies with the capability to detect radio networks in the said frequency bands and also give the Direction of Arrival (DoA) of the signal. The Radio DF System can detect, and direction find multiple targets simultaneously.
Usage of a single system can give only the line of bearing or the DoA of the signal. However, usage of three or more such units in integrated mode will enable carrying out triangulation of the bearings and give the location of the target.
The H/V/UHF DF System can be used in various scenarios depending up on the mission requirement. The system can be installed in Vehicle for the mobile operations to intercept the signal from different locations of the targets. The system can also be deployed at a static location to intercept the traffic in that general area. In portable mode, system can be left unattended for prolonged durations and the system records the signals in that area. The recorded baseband signal can be sent to a centralised control and analysis station through an existing communication network or can be copied and sent to the analysis station for offline analysis.
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System Features

Frequency band
The system is capable of covering the frequency from HF to UHF bands.
The solution can be customised for various frequency bands as per customer requirement.
Monitoring of Signals
The system can be optionally upgraded to intercept and monitor communications in the analog and digital domains.
Spectrum Search
Search for emission sources within selected frequency ranges, including frequency hopping signals.
Map Display
Display the bearings on the integrated digital map.
Frequency Hopping Signals
Detection and direction finding of frequency hopping signals (up to 1500 hops per sec).

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