The Portable Laser Monitoring System captures sounds from distances using an invisible laser beam and enables audio listening.

The Portable Laser Monitoring System is designed for listening to and recording sound information from ultra-long distances in a non-contact environment. Functioning as a ‘secret listener,’ the device can pick up sounds from up to 300 meters away. The laser monitoring system operates by emitting invisible light directed towards a target. When there are any sounds or vibrations in that area, the receiver captures the
reflected light, effectively recording the speech or audio signals present. The system provides a synchronous display of both far and near vision, allowing for real-time and rapid switching to enhance surveillance capabilities. It enables synchronous audio and video recording, storage, and playback in formats such as PCM and MP4, and is compact and portable.

System Features

Optical Mechanical Integration Design
Designed for easy portability, deployment, and camouflage.
Simple Operation
Quick setup, one-key start-up, and focusing capabilities, entering working state within 1 minute.
Sound Information Retrieval
Capable of obtaining sound information through multi-layered glass windows at a wide angle.
Versatile Target Mediums
Suitable for use with various materials such as paper, leather, plastic, metal, and more.
Sound Reduction and Clarity
Offers good sound reduction without distortion, enhancing the clarity of audio information.
Noise Reduction Functions
Multiple noise reduction functions contribute to high sound recognition and reading comprehension.
Wireless Connectivity
Wireless connectivity with the host allows for remote control operation, combining functions like viewing, aiming, listening, recording, and transmitting.
Synchronous Display
Capable of displaying near and far scenes simultaneously with timely switching and clear visualization.
Infrared Laser
Utilizes a far infrared laser with low power, ensuring safety and invisibility to human eyes.
Multi-Power Supply Modes
Supports various power supply modes, and the built-in battery design enhances system flexibility.
Night Vision Ability
Equipped with effective night vision capabilities, allowing for clear vision in low-light conditions.

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