Listening Through Wall System

Listening Through Wall System is designed to pick up noises through solid objects such as walls, bricks etc.

Listening and recording audio through solid objects is tricky but an essential process for investigations. The Listening Through Wall System makes it easy to capture the faintest sounds through solid objects, such as walls, bricks, and concrete, with utmost clarity.
The highly sensitive acoustic microphone is ideal for picking up conversational words on the other side of the wall, enabling real-time audio surveillance. The contact microphone in the system is a specially developed ceramic pin designed to convert vibrations into audible noise. The system has a 4-hour battery life for nonstop operation, offering adjustable levels for gain, low-frequency and high-frequency filters, as well as volume. Additionally, it features a built-in recording module for real-time recording onto external USB dedicated recording memory. The Listening Through Wall device is suitable for various applications, including law enforcement, border security, search and rescue operations, and more.

System Features

High Detection Sensitivity
Ensures precise detection capabilities for enhanced performance.
Customizable Settings
Adjustable threshold frequency, amplifier gain, and microphone gain provide flexibility to tailor the system to specific requirements.
Infinite Amplifier Gain Adjustment
Users can fine-tune the amplifier gain to achieve optimal audio clarity.
Dual Channel Monitoring
Allows users to monitor separately through channel 1, channel 2, or simultaneously for versatile surveillance options.
Built-in Recording Function
Automatically records audio onto the dedicated memory card upon insertion, facilitating easy storage and retrieval of captured information.


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