Hardware based encryption device is specialized hardware that secures communication by encrypting data before transmission and decrypting it upon receipt between devices.

Hardware Based Encryption Device operates solely on hardware, without any microcontroller or core, and lacks software, making it impervious to viruses/malware. The purpose of the device is to encrypt data in any format, using data files sourced from either a USB or Ethernet, and transfer the encrypted data to a target USB media device or over a public domain.
The Hardware-based approach of the device offers stability and robustness, minimizing the risk of software-related issues or vulnerabilities and ensuring consistent performance.

General Features :

  • The device operates solely on hardware, ensuring a high level of security and resistance to software-based attacks.
  • The 3 Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) based architecture provides robust and flexible processing capabilities for encryption tasks.
  • Secure boot verifies and authenticates the firmware before the device starts, ensuring that only trusted firmware is executed.
  • Secure communication via Ethernet interface, using a double layer of encryption for enhanced data protection during transmission.
  • Automatic or manual loading of encryption keys, using a Crypto-Key stick that is authenticated for secure and convenient key management.
  • User-Friendly Authentication System via LCD Display and Keypad provides a convenient and intuitive interface for authentication procedures.
  • Tamper-Proof Mechanism with a dedicated battery safeguards against physical tampering and ensures the integrity of the device.
  • The True Random Number Generator (proven compliant with NIST standards) enhances the security of generated encryption keys.
  • The 2U server rack-mountable chassis allows for easy integration into existing server rack setups for efficient space utilization and organization.

Security Features :

  • Communication protocol and crypto algorithms are implemented in hardware for enhanced security.
  • Emergency erase feature allows for quick deletion of keys, with or without power.
  • Multiple options for crypto algorithms, including AES-256 or nationally certified algorithms.
  • The device is designed to identify and protect against replay attacks.
  • Strong user authentication mechanisms based on card-based systems are employed.
  • Customizable interfaces and standard USB interfaces are utilized for key storage.
  • Tamper action triggers erase of device context in case of physical tampering attempts.

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