Semi-Active Cellphone Interception System emulates the man-in-the-middle attack on cellular networks for interception.

Our Cellular Interception Solutions help law enforcement authorities to acquire, intercept, analyze and manage cellular communications such as voice, SMS, and Call Related Information (CRI) data. This becomes vital as terrorists and criminal elements rely upon cellular mobile communications to carry out their subversive operations.
Our Semi-Active Cellular Interception Solution is designed to intercept 2G, 3G & 4G communications between the Base Station (BTS) & the Mobile Handset (MS) using the principle of ‘Man-in-the-Middle’. The system emulates the service provider’s BTS, forcing mobiles within the coverage range to log on to it. All the communications (Voice & SMS) of mobiles logged on to the system is passed on to the actual network via the system & in the process all the communications are recorded. The system can intercept both incoming & outgoing communications. It can also carry out selective jamming of the communication. The system can decipher A5/0, A5/2, A5/1 & A5/3 encryption standard in real-time.

System Features

No Support from Service Provider
Interception and logging of all 2G, 3G and 4G networks across the world and does not require the SIM of any network provider.
100% Interception Probability
The system can intercept and monitor all communications of the target (SMS, voice, CRI, location, etc.) till the time it is within the coverage range.
Real-time Interception
Real-time interception of GSM communications encrypted using A5/1, A5/2 and A5/3 ciphering algorithms.
The system is transparent to the target and the service provider.
Modular Design
Modular design of the system allows scaling as per customer requirement.
PLMN Extraction
The system can extract the target’s actual mobile number.
Manipulation / Spoofing
System provides flexibility for the operator to modify the ID of selected targets (spoof) for both incoming and outgoing calls, make fake call (or send fake SMS) to target.
Selective Jamming Capability
The system features a selective jamming capability, using which the operator can disable certain services of the target like outgoing call, incoming call, SMS, SS, etc.
Unlimited Targets
No limit on the number of targets that can be added to the target list.
Target List
Target list can be created using IMEI, IMSI or target’s mobile number.
Configurable Number of Channels
Online monitoring up to 32 duplex channels (scalable).
Direction Finding Equipment
Stratign’s Direction Finding equipment can be integrated with the system to hone in on targets.
Real-time Listening
Real-time listening of the intercepted cell phone calls.
Round the Clock Operation
Possibility of round-the-clock operation in an auto mode without the operator involvement.
Built-in Automatic Silent Paging
Built-in automatic silent paging to obtain target related information such as IMSI, TMSI, IMEI, etc.
Keyword Spotting
The system has the capability of spotting keywords within the received SMS messages or the comments inserted by operators.
Networked Operation
Multiple systems can be configured in a LAN environment to increase the coverage.
Extensive Search Feature
Extensive search feature enabling operators to perform search based on all call parameters.
Voice Forensics
System is integrable with Stratign’s Voice Forensic software (language identification, speaker identification, gender identification, etc.) and link analysis tools.
OSINT Tool Integration
System can be integrated with Stratign’s OSINT software.

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