IMSI Catcher Neutralizer disrupts the normal operation of fake BTS/IMSI catchers through DoS attack.

IMSI Catcher Neutralizer initiates a Denial of Service (DoS) attack on fake BTS/IMSI catchers or cell phone towers, causing their operation to be disrupted. It achieves this by flooding the tower’s network or systems with an excessive amount of traffic or requests. Thereby, completely stopping their functioning without causing any interference to legitimate networks.

System Features

High-Frequency Request Simulation
System mimics the behavior of a large number of mobile devices simultaneously, generating a significant load on the base station.
Simulation of Various Load Types
Mimic scenarios, such as voice calls, data transfers, or multimedia streaming, to enable testers to assess performance under different conditions.
Effective Stress Testing
Test the volume of requests or traffic the base station can handle.
Ease of Use
Operational by individuals with relatively limited technical expertise.
Synchronize multiple BTS DoS units in a single control application.
Form Factors
Available in both mobile and compact box forms.

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