Stratign’s Surveillance Systems use beyond visual range sensors to detect threats from personnel, vehicles, vessels and low flying aircraft in protected and coastal areas.

Decision-making occurs in a recurring cycle of OODA (observe–orient–decide–act) loop. An entity (whether an individual or an organization) that can process this cycle quickly and also observe and react to the unfolding events more rapidly than an opponent can decode the intruder’s plans and gain the advantage. The OODA loop, which focuses on strategic or tactical military requirements, has been adapted for business and public sector operational continuity planning.
Continuous physical surveillance of the perimeter of any restricted area or a coastal area for that matter, needs multiple personnel being employed to constantly observe the area. However, the use of electronic surveillance methods such as the use of radars to detect any movement or long-range day/night cameras to observe the detected movements can enable a commander to take necessary remedial actions, in time, to avoid considerable direct or indirect damages to the facility being guarded.
Stratign’s Surveillance & Defence Systems are based on the above multi-sensor approach and use beyond visual range sensors such as radars and cameras to detect threats from unknown intruders (personnel/vehicles/low flying aircraft). The system operates on the principle of “Observe – Orient – Decide – Act” workflow. “Observe” is about the earliest possible information gathering associated with a potential upcoming threat. To take further action, it is important to “Orient” the actual position of the threat. Since the threat is at this stage still potential, it will then be evaluated by the “Decide” step. As a result, non-hostile detections will be separated from hostile ones. If the threat is identified as hostile it will be classified as an actual threat which will then be addressed in the “Act” phase. An array of these systems which are networked and controlled from a C2 Centre can help the defense agencies in saving considerable resources in terms of manpower and ensure better security of the areas being guarded, whether it is a restricted area or a longer coastal area.

System Features

Long Range
Systems are available for ranges varying from 3 kms to in excess of 5kms.
All Round Coverage
The system can provide 360° coverage.
Multi-object Detection and Recognition
System is capable of detection and classification of targets as personnel, vehicle, aircraft, etc.
Configurable Alerts
The system can be configured to raise alarms based on the detections by the system.
Reduced Fatigue
The use of electronic surveillance equipment with alarm facility reduces fatigue on human beings.
Faster Reactions
Helps the commander to have advance warning and hence take faster decisions on how to react to the situation.
Weapon Integration
The system can also be integrated with any weapon system for physical destruction/damage to the intruding object.
Jammer Integration
The system can be optionally integrated with our jammer systems to tackle threats from drones which are hostile.

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