Rotary Wing UAV is an advanced and automatic unmanned system that is powered by a high-speed engine.

Stratign has introduced its new unmanned systems range, mainly for carrying out various military and civilian operations. There are different types of unmanned systems that are used for commercial and military applications. One of the commonly deployed unmanned systems is a Rotary Wing UAV.
STN-UVH series Rotary Wing UAVs are capable of fully automatic Vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) UAVs with high-speed engines. These systems have vertical flight capability, which helps them to fly in narrow spaces as well. Rotary wing UAVs provide smaller area coverage, however, they are intended to hover for long durations and carry out SAR missions.
Different variants of the same are available with varying endurances and payload capabilities. The endurance can vary from 1 hour to 7 hours, and the payload capability ranges from as low as 750 gm and can go up to about 150 kgs. The operational altitude varies from 10,000 ft to 18,000 ft based on the specific models.
Further details on the same can be shared based on firm requests.

System Applications

  • Advanced surveillance and observation capabilities for intelligence gathering and reconnaissance missions
  • Real-time surveillance and observation capabilities for monitoring remote areas, critical infrastructure, and sensitive locations
  • Precision target acquisition and designation for military operations
  • Specialized sensors for detecting subsurface explosive hazards for clearing unexploded ordnance and mines
  • Border patrol and surveillance operations for enhanced situational awareness
  • Real-time monitoring of wildland fires for firefighting operations and situational awareness
  • Advanced imaging and sensing capabilities for search and rescue operations
  • Rapid assessment of damage, monitoring of relief efforts, and support in disaster and emergency response operations
  • Reliable performance in degraded visual environments such as low light or adverse weather conditions
  • Monitoring and detection of drug trafficking, contraband, and other prohibited activities for law enforcement agencies.

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