IMSI Catcher System allows LEAs to covertly collect basic identities (IMEI, IMSI) of cell phones in the vicinity without the knowledge of the service providers and cell phone users.

Cellular Interception Solutions help law enforcement authorities to acquire, intercept, analyze and manage cellular communications such as voice, SMS, and Call Related Information (CRI) data. This becomes vital as terrorists and criminal elements rely upon cellular mobile communications to carry out their subversive operations.
The 1st step in interception of any phone is identifying the presence of target phones in the areas of interest.
We offer IMSI-Catcher solution which is designed to covertly collect basic identities (IMSI, IMEI) of 2G, 3G and 4G mobile phones working within its coverage area without the knowledge of the service providers and the phone users. This will enable the agencies to identify the presence of the target in their area of operation. The IMSI-Catcher can also be used to selectively downgrade phones operating in the 3G/4G networks to GSM operation mode. These phones can then be intercepted by Passive or Semi-Active Interception Solutions.

System Features

Passive / Semi-Active
Passive/Semi-active type - IMSI/IMEI collection algorithm.
Automatic Configuration
Automatic configuration of transceiver modules depending on the RF environment.
Dynamic Control of Targets
Full identification of IMSI, IMEI & TMSI information within its range and dynamic control capabilities, including comprehensive denial of service.
Remote Diagnostics
Uplink port for connection to a WAN facilitating remote diagnostics and simple software upgrading.
Detection of Phone Model and SIM Country
Displays phone model, country of origin and the network provider.
Selective Down Gradation
Can selectively force mobile phones to 2G/GSM operation mode.
Comprehensive Database
Comprehensive database featuring handsets cross referenced against IMEIs and networks against PLMNs.
Direction Finding Capability
Compatible with Stratign’s portable Direction-Finding System (optional).
Real-time PLMN Extraction
Integrability with Stratign’s PLMN Search System to extract phone numbers of the targets (optional).

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