VTOL unmanned aerial vehicles are mainly designed for vertical take-off and landing capabilities and have best-in-class endurance.

Stratign provides world-class unmanned aircraft specifically designed for demanding security and surveillance applications. Our aircraft are renowned for their unique vertical take-off and landing capabilities, allowing them to operate in almost any location, coupled with the longest flight endurance in the industry. We achieve this through our cutting-edge, lightweight, and reliable airframe, propulsion, and avionics systems, combined with advanced day and night vision payloads and long-range data links.
Designed exclusively for security and surveillance purposes, our aircraft are ideally suited for a wide range of missions, including long-range operations, border patrol, search and rescue, asset monitoring, conservation, and more.
We offer multiple variants of our system with varying endurance, payload capacity, payload type, and other specifications, which can be provided upon request.

System Features

One of the most advanced lightweight and highest performing airframes made from aerospace grade carbon fibre. The airframe can be assembled in under 60 seconds with no tools required and includes a high quality flight case.
VTOL Propulsion
100% reliability status with not a single mid-flight failure of the vertical propulsion system on any aircraft to date. It allows for vertical take-off and landing anywhere and acts as backup system in case of main engine cut-out, stalling, over banking, etc.
It has the ability to fly longer and further than any competing product on the market till today. By using fuel powered combustion engines for fixed wing propulsion with an advanced electronic fuel injection system, we enable our clients to capture more data and cover much larger areas with flight endurances of up to 12 hours.
The aircraft includes advanced dual sensor stabilized day and night EO/IR payloads with object tracking, Geo-lock, GPS and other advanced features, allowing the operators to lock-on to targets, capture and stream real-time HD video to the Command and Control station, control rooms and also across networks and the internet.
An exceptionally reliable avionics and autopilot for fixed wing VTOL unmanned aircraft. A small all-in-one unit with integrated multi-redundant power supply and distribution, long range control link, active cooling, navigation light system, ignition system, auxiliary power outputs, multiple I/O and much more. Fly with confidence, from fully autonomous one-click missions, including take-off and landings, advanced guided flight to waypoint missions, allowing you to focus on capturing the data you need safely.
Command and Control
Command and Control is rugged, compact, portable and powerful. The user-friendly interface enables quick and easy mission planning and flight control. Switch seamlessly between flight modes and payload settings while ensuring real-time data and video communication. Dual HD displays, long range antenna tracking options, custom integration capabilities and more allow for reliable communication and control of both aircraft and payload.

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