Stratign’s Satellite Trunk Interception System allows interception of satellite trunks/VSAT links in the C, X, Ku and Ka bands.

Significant technology development in the field of satellite communications has enabled huge amount of data being transmitted over these networks by Government and Private organizations. This grew out of the need to ensure fool proof communications to distant locations using satellite media without depending on the terrestrial communication network for connectivity.
The need for dedicated connectivity for each location and reliable network speeds between the various offices of the same organizations led to the rapid growth of VSAT traffic all over the world. This also coincided with the large-scale use of Ku band which provided the means for greater bandwidth as compared to the restricted C Band.
Stratign’s Satellite Trunk Interception System is state-of-the-art product designed to meet the aspirations of our customers to enable them to intercept and process various Satellite networks and their terminal in interactive manner. This has been designed to provide the capability to search for satellite networks on the C, X, Ku and Ka band frequencies and identify the Satellite terminal types and its networks identities. The system provides the snapshot of the captured carriers and its payload. The payload identification is especially useful for agency to choose the satellite network for monitoring.
In today’s challenging security environment, Governments need to monitor conversations, fax and email messages and other data transmitted across satellite networks for national and international communications. Whilst most satellite communications are perfectly legitimate, the extensive geographical coverage provided by satellite communications networks means they are favoured by subversive groups in remote regions. Thus, Satellite interception system is a basic requirement for countrywide intelligence collection operations.

System Features

Intercepts C, X, Ka & Ku Bands
Intercepts in-route & out-route traffic through satellite Hubs & terminals operating on C, X, Ku and Ka-band.
Network Type Classification
Performs automatic scanning of all transponders of selected satellite to classify carriers and their corresponding network type. Automatic classification of beyond line of sight communications Links and modem type.
Multiple Characteristics
Displays multiple characteristics parameters of the carrier including Bandwidth, Symbol Rate, Modulation Type, Center Frequency, and RF Power.
Area of Interest
The system is capable of finding satellite communications taking place in the area of interest.
Identify Network Topology
Can find out hidden carries and identify different network topology (star/mesh)
Traffic Payload
Provides preview of traffic payload from scanned carrier networks.
Intercepts Voice, Fax and Data Sessions
Provides information about Plain Voice, Fax and Data sessions (including Webpages, E-mails, Video, Audio, Chat and VoIP calls).
Carrier Analysis
Supports automatic & manual mode of carrier analysis.
Terminal Types
Intercept all types of terminals (airborne/shipborne/fixed) and monitors International Voice trunks, mobile phones backhaul traffic, IP backbone, etc.
VoIP decoders
System has Built-in VoIP decoders to decode and produce voice sessions transmitted on Voice over IP.
Internet Data Decoder
Integrated with internet data decoder to support multiple types of internet protocols.
Storage Capacity
User friendly GUI and 20TB storage capacity.
Text and Speech Analysis Tools
Easy integration with Text and Speech analysis tools.
Modular Architecture
Modular architecture allows its expansion just by adding additional demodulators and software licenses.

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