Data Diode is a unidirectional network device that allows data to flow in one direction while preventing data from flowing in the opposite direction.

Organizations dealing with sensitive information, need robust solutions to protect their data from unauthorized access and data breaches. One such solution is the data diode.
Data diodes enable unidirectional data transfer for enhanced security and higher transfer speeds, making them ideal for situations where minimal / no incoming data is expected and the primary requirement is to send data from the organization.
Data diodes are designed using only digital circuits, making them a fully hardware-based solution for secure data transfer. The architecture of a data diode ensures that data can only flow in one direction, from the Anode port to the Cathode port, which is physically separated.
To further enhance security, data diodes allow only packets with configured device addresses to pass through from the Anode end to the Cathode end. This means that even if multiple users are connected to the Anode end, only packets from the configured devices are allowed to pass through, providing granular control over the data transfer. When a data packet is received from the Anode end, it is compared with the user-configured “allowed packet list.” If the packet is allowed, it is transferred to the Cathode end. If the packet is not allowed, it is logged and made available for user observation in the data diode’s log file, providing visibility into attempted unauthorized access.
Importantly, data transfer from the Cathode end to the Anode end is completely blocked, ensuring that no data can flow in the reverse direction. This unidirectional flow is always maintained, providing a high level of security against unauthorized access.

System Features :

  • Provides unidirectional data transfer for requested device packets only, ensuring strict control over data flow.
  • Anode and Cathode ports are physically separated, ensuring complete electrical isolation between the paths, enhancing security
  • Features a separate channel for configuration of the data diode and logging of packet information, allowing for easy management and monitoring.
  • Utilizes a customized Syslog protocol for local logging and device configuration, ensuring robust security measures.
  • Includes password-protected user interface software for dedicated access to data diode configuration, adding an additional layer of security.
  • Supports high data transfer speeds of 10M/100M/1G, allowing for efficient and speedy data transfer.
  • Hardware-based solution, with no software component present on the data diode, minimizing potential vulnerabilities and ensuring a secure data transfer environment.

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