SMS Broadcast

Stratign’s specialized GSM advertising system is designed to send advertisement, information SMS messages, cautionary messages to handsets on local areas such as banks, businesses, railway stations, shops, hotels, ships etc. It can also be used in situations like riots, political agitations, critical events etc.

Features :-

  • Create special outlook system that can detect presence of new handsets in the place of interest and send
    advertisement messages for each of them.
  • Increase the attractiveness of your business to customers.
  • Keep update information for interested parties about ongoing promotions, sweepstakes, contests, discounts,
    dynamic, schedule changes, etc.
  • SMS-broad casting in creative combination with news, finance, sports information, lottery results, and even horoscopes.
  • Company of any size can transfer information about it’s special offers to their existing and potential customers.
  • It is not necessary to be contacted individually with each potential customer. Thus, it becomes possible to save money on printed products.
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