GPS Jammer Myths


GPS Jammer Myths


Ever knew that GPS jammers were initially created by the government, for military organizations and spy agencies? Yes, and it’s uses include confusing the enemy on exact locations, or where the enemy GPS guided missiles or bombs will fall.

Recently civilians have sought out these devices to insure their privacy in an ever-increasing GPS-tracked world. There are a few civilian uses for jamming GPS signals, mostly privacy related, including the ability to conceal oneself or one’s vehicle in case it is being tracked by a GPS receiver. A practical application would be a salesperson or delivery driver, that may wish to lunch outside their territory, or return home for a forgotten item, without having to do loads of explaining because of GPS tracking on their automobile.

What GPS Jamming exactly is and how it works?

First, let us understand what GPS is and how GPS tracking works. Currently managed by the U.S. Air Force, GPS is a radio-navigation system that uses the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network to use time data sent from dozens of satellites in space that are equipped with atomic clocks. Each satellite transmits signals, and the GPS receivers on the earth use these signals to communicate their locations.

An occasional satellite malfunction may disrupt these signals, but a more intentional cause would be due to GPS jamming. A GPS jamming device gets plugged into a vehicle’s cigarette lighter port and works by broadcasting noise on the same frequency used by the satellites. In this manner, the GPS receivers cannot capture the satellite signals. Being reliant on the strength of the GPS jammer, it can supersede the GPS receival for a few miles or plots.

Myths About GPS Jammers

Most field service representatives are aware of the regulations and penalties for using a GPS jamming device to manipulate their location or driving log. Yet, GPS jammers are innocently used by some drivers and reps who do not want to be tracked by their managers. These actions can have a more significant impact.

Below are some common myths about them that are so not true.

a) GPS Jamming Devices are harmless when only used to hide your location.
Fact: A jammer device, also known as a signal jammer, may seem harmless at first. However, its potential to cause harm is substantial. These jammers have the potential to disrupt critical communications services, such as ambulances, police, 911, and firefighters. So, in quite a few countries, the manufacturing, sale, distribution, and possession of GPS jammers is a federal crime, with punishment ranging from hefty fines and seizure of the jamming device to prison time.

b) It is legal to install jamming devices that claim to block GPS signals of vehicles only.
Fact: Any device that blocks GPS signals by emitting an interfering with radio frequency signals is illegal and cannot be marketed or operated in a country, except in the limited context of authorized use by the government. Since it is difficult to determine from an advertisement how a device functions, it is essential to contact the Enforcement Bureau/Federal Communications Commission (FCC) if you have any questions. If a radio transmitting device is not authorized by the FCC or is not labeled with an FCC identification number, people cannot legally operate it.

c) Using a GPS Jammer will make the current location invisible.
Fact: If field service representatives try to use GPS jammers to manipulate their location data and block GPS tracking, the managers will know about it. While drivers might think the jammers will make them invisible, their sneaky on-road behavior will attract even more attention. So, if a driver is trying to prevent a GPS tracker by using a jammer, the vehicle will not disappear; it will still appear on the live map as a missing trip.

GPS Jammers from Stratign

Stratign’s GPS Jammer has been fabricated and constructed to tackle all kinds of GNSS which are in use presently and it can block all commercial signals of the navigation systems. Being modular in construction allows flexibility of use to the customer, i.e. they can either seize all the signals together or only preferred GNSS signals.

Stratign’s GNSS Navigation Signal Jammer is created to defeat modern anti-jamming methods in current Satellite Receiver chipsets extensively utilized in drones (quadcopters/multi-copters), suicide UAVs, light UAVs and various other inexpensive “highly accurate” weapon’s navigation systems.

In conclusion, now that we understand how GPS jamming devices function and how they can be utilized, here are a variety of instances they can be applied on:

• Hidden, changing or masking positioning signals from GPS units.
• Preventing the ability to locate a device, such as during an emergency.
• Concealing the location of a device or vehicle.
• Denying precision guided weapons from striking the actual target.
• GPS guided drones can be blocked from navigation signals, thereby denying operational success to adversaries.

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