Countering Drone Attacks: An Overview of Stratign’s Anti-Drone Solutions


Countering Drone Attacks: An Overview of Stratign’s Anti-Drone Solutions


In recent times, drone attacks have been on the rise, causing serious problems for security measures. Drones, once known for their innovation, are now being used for nefarious purposes. As this threat grows, there is a greater need for strong counter-drone / anti-drone solutions to keep people and places safe.

To address these challenges, Stratign offers a comprehensive suite of anti-drone / counter-drone solutions designed to detect, track, and neutralize unauthorized drone activity effectively.

Stratign offers a wide range of counter-drone solutions:

1. Drone RF Detection:

There are two types:

Portable Device: A portable drone monitoring platform capable of detecting, identifying, locating, and tracking drones and their pilots. This solution is highly portable, allowing for rapid deployment in various scenarios.

Handheld Device: A highly portable device carried by security personnel to detect drones. It enables quick response actions, such as activating jammers or seeking cover, to mitigate potential threats.

2. Portable RF Detection and Jamming:

This system combines RF detection with jamming capabilities to create drone-free zones for the safety of troops or critical installations. Highly portable, it swiftly identifies drone signatures and alerts operators, enabling immediate action.

3. Integrated Drone Defense System:

This system employs a multi-sensor and jammer fusion approach, following a “Detect – Locate – Identify – Act” workflow. It gathers early threat information, locates drones, identifies potential threats, and acts accordingly to intercept hostile drones.

4. Drone Gun:

A portable, directional UAV jamming device shaped like a gun. This lightweight solution provides flexibility and rapid response capabilities to protect against UAV threats effectively.

5. Drone Spoofer:

An advanced GNSS navigation spoofing device tailored for small-sized UAVs. It enforces area denial, redirects drones, and manipulates their flight paths to predetermined locations, enhancing security measures against unauthorized drone operations.

Therefore, as drone attacks rise, the need for effective counter-drone solutions becomes critical. Stratign offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to detect, track, and neutralize rogue drone activity. With these innovations, we can safeguard critical assets and public safety, ensuring a safer future for all.

To learn more about anti-drone systems, you can find additional information here.


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