Data Retention System


Data Retention System

The amount of interception requests authorized by LEAs continues to expand globally (especially in countries that preserve widespread surveillance capabilities). Apart from lawful interception systems, additional network forensics support facilities, like data retention technologies for collecting and storing intercept-oriented data of all communications, have to be mounted by service providers in an emerging number of states, throughout the world.

Stratign supports these needs with a Monitoring Center Platform for Lawful Interception operating on any network. This solution is fully compliant with lawful regulations on data retention and conforms with the latest ETSI requirements supporting the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and national requirements.

What is Data Retention?

Data retention, also known as records retention, is the sustained storage of an organization’s information for compliance or business motives.
An enterprise may retain information for diverse reasons. One reason is to comply with state and federal regulations. Another is to supply the organization with the competence to recover business critical information, for reasons of business continuity, during the situation of a site-wide data loss, like fire or floods.

Stratign’s Monitoring Centre (STN-MC) – A perfect solution for Lawful Interception

With the capability of intercepting targeted communications from Telecom Switches, the LI system solution from Stratign is a switch-based Lawful Interception System. This nationwide phone interception solution can intercept all communications (mobile and fixed line) which are going through the telecom switches.

When taking data retention into consideration, Stratign’s robust and scalable platform, interfaces through a single platform with multiple networks and multiple technologies. It can also interface to 3rdparty network storage systems and analytical platforms for data access and delivery, supporting multiple delivery standards simultaneously.

The Stratign Monitoring Centre (STN-MC) is a turnkey solution for the monitoring, processing, decoding distribution and presentation of intercepted data of targets from circuit switched networks. (for instance, cell phone and fixed telephony) along with packet switched networks (e.g. internet, email) and is utilized by law enforcement and/or intelligence agencies. The STN MC is compliant with the latest ETSI and/or CALEA specifications for the Lawful Interception System but can also support country specific LI handover protocols.

Additionally, the solution has been designed as a carrier-grade system to enable fast and secure access for data retention by authorized agencies. It permits network operators and Internet service providers to conveniently comply with latest telecom protocols for data retention.

The solution also allows to carry out Bulk Interception of Calls, which supports capturing personal communications and data of thousands of individuals, nationwide.

Generic System Features

• Hassle free implementation and easy-to-use.
• Available in multiport options for multiple E1.
• Scalable across technology and product environment.
• 8 TB Buffering Capacities (Can be increased as per the user requirement).
• Logging of incoming calls with specifications such as time, duration, date, CLI, etc.
• Logging of outgoing calls with date, time, duration and number dialed.
• Date and time of every attempt of making an outgoing call (irrespective if the call is connected or not).
• Stereo documenting of caller and called for digital lines via recording.
• Provision for employing real-time monitoring of voice communications.
• Facility of search in reports based on caller-id, duration of the call, time etc.
• Solution for all Circuit Switched and Packet Switch communication Networks.
• Scalable distributed architecture offers Central Monitoring Centers and Remote Monitoring Centers for nationwide deployment.
• GIS location tracking system exhibits real time position of targets.
• Compliant to Global Standards like ETSI, CALEA and country specific standards.
• Recordings can be searched on date and time, TMSI, IMSI and IMEI.
• Case-based Target Administration.

Overall, information and communication technologies have supported Lawful Interception since the era of Morse’s telegraph. Interception is dynamically practiced globally with a rising number of applications. Hence, adopting accurate international standard based network forensics technologies for lawful interception, data retention and network management would be beneficial to meet national requirements.

Therefore, taking advantage of Stratign’s Lawful Interception solutions would prove to be constructive as it focuses on officially intercepting private communications to support legal and/or criminal investigations. The Lawful Interception solution offered by us comprises of all available systems such as cellular networks, internet networks and fixed-line network.

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