Drones: A National Security threat


Drones: A National Security threat


With the drone market expected to hit $58.4 dollars by 2026, drone technology has given us innumerable advantages. The military and law enforcement agencies are now able to keep an eye-in-the sky to analyze and combat any threat situations. But this same drone technology is now used by terrorist groups to deliver chemical, biological, and explosive attacks.

To counter threats and enhance security ‘Drone Jammers’ have been designed.

Stratign’s Drone Jammer is integrated with radars and cameras to operate using the “Detect-Locate-Identity- Act” principle.  This anti-drone solution can be operated from the range of 1km to 5km.

The principle of Drone Jammer:

  • Detect : Detection of threats using radars.
  • Locate : Location of drone on digitized map.
  • Identify : Identification of potential threat as an authentic one with the least possible false-alarm rate using the EO/IR Camera and specialized proprietary algorithms.
  • Act : Countermeasure to combat threat using RF jammers.

An advanced drone jammer is a valuable solution to cease criminal operations and address drone threats. The strength of these technologies is going to decide our safety in the near future.

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