Stratign’s Fixed Wing UAV is an advanced and automatic unmanned system that can gather data across larger areas.

Stratign has also introduced Fixed Wing UAV in its unmanned systems range. Fixed Wing UAVs can be deployed for both military and civilian operations. These UAVs can fly at higher altitudes when compared to other UAVs.
STN-UAV Fixed Wing systems are fully automatic take-off and landing UAVs designed to provide large area coverage and gather data at a higher resolution. Fixed Wing systems require less energy to propel forward therefore, cover larger distances, and are energy efficient. These UAVs can carry payloads up to 300kg. Fixed Wing UAVs can operate at high altitudes making detection difficult.

System Applications

Intelligence and Reconnaissance
Video Surveillance and Monitoring
SAR Surveillance and Monitoring
Payload Delivery and Autonomous Transporting
LIDAR Surveillance and Monitoring
M/SAR Surveillance and Monitoring
Law Enforcement and Border Control
Target Pointing and Designation
Mapping and Intelligence
Target Drone Dropping
Strike Drone Functions, Air-to-ground and Air-to-air Modes
Radio Link Range Extension and Retransmission Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)
Thermal Surveillance


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