Intelligent Cellphone Jamming Solution


Intelligent Cellphone Jamming Solution


Nowadays, the utilization of mobile phones has increased rapidly. One of the rising threats to security is unlawful cellular phone conversations at confidential places like Prisons, Courthouses, Military facilities etc. For this reason, communication jamming devices were first developed and used by military forces to prevent the successful transfer of information between enemy forces.

Hence, due to this evolution, Prisons, Courthouses, Military facilities, schools, etc., require silence and security too. This is achieved by using intelligent cell phone jammers. An intelligent cell phone jammer is designed for allowing only the authorized calls by utilizing advanced technologies.

What are Intelligent Cell Phone Jammers & how are they different & beneficial from traditional ones?

There are 2 main varieties of jammers, non-intelligent i.e. traditional cell phone jammers, and intelligent cell phone jammers. The traditional jammer is utilized in a restricted area and is designed to block all cell phones that operate in a certain frequency band such as the downlink frequency band of the global system for mobile communication. This type of jammer is not fit for places where essential communications have to continue, especially for military applications, because it blocks all cell phones present in the restricted area. Furthermore, the system will broadcast jamming signals, irrespective whether there is a lawful mobile user in that restricted location or not.

On the flip side, the Intelligent jammers work as a detector and blocker which solves the pitfalls present in the traditional jammer. The system has the capability of creating a ‘white list’ of authorized subscribers and allowing them to communicate freely while blocking all other phones in that area. Put simply, the unique technology used in this jammer allows the operator to selectively block communications of the users within its coverage range.

Stratign’s Intelligent Cell Phone Jammer (STN-ICJ3000) & its Valuable Usage

The exclusive technology utilized in this jammer allows the operator to particularly block communications of the unauthorized users within its coverage range while permitting the authorized phones to work.

Significance of Intelligent Cell Phone Jammer: STN-ICJ3000

An Intelligent Cell Phone Jammer like STN-ICJ3000 provides the operator with absolute control over GSM phones functioning within the premises. Stratign’s advanced system can automatically scan and detect all active 2G, 3G & 4G mobile phones surrounding its coverage area. At the time of scanning, the system automatically gathers the handsets / SIM identities (such as TMSI, IMEI and IMSI) which can be utilized to recognize legal and illegal phones. By adding the authorized GSM phones to a GUI based ‘white-list’, the operator can allow them to communicate and the unauthorized mobile phones will be involuntarily jammed and would be added to the ‘black-list’.

What’s more, to locate unauthorized phones within the premises, the system can be integrated with a direction finder as well. Hence, numerous systems can be implemented and coordinated by a common GUI.

Advantageous features:

• System capability: Selective Jamming of 2G, 3G and 4G Phones.
• Unlimited cell phones can be included to the white list.
• Coverage of larger areas/new networks: Possible with integration of flexible system & multiple systems
• Displays diverse types and models of all phones within the coverage range: IMEI, MCC, MNC, IMSI, TMST
• All the examined parameters can be saved in a database for future analysis.
• Integration of direction finder: to physically locate & capture unseen cell phones.
• Both directional and omnidirectional antennas can be utilized to expand the coverage scope of the system.
• Can be remotely controlled using LAN or WAN
• Can display the approximate target location on a digital map.

In conclusion, Stratign’s accurate and applicable Intelligent Cell Phone Jammer (STN-ICJ3000) makes it possible to overcome diverse challenges of Law Enforcement Agencies, by allowing authorized cell phones to communicate while the unauthorized ones are denied services, all over the world.

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