RF Jammers


RF Jammers


Did you know that radio frequency or communication jamming was theoretically invented at the dawn of radio communication? This concept was born through military approaches during times of war to prevent interruption and interception of their radio transmission by the enemy. The practical purpose of jamming is to prevent the enemy from using radio link freely.

What is an RF Jammer?

A radio frequency jammer is a device built, adapted or planned to be utilized to avoid the reception of radio transmissions via a receiver related to its operation. At best a radio frequency jammer could cause you to miss a call; at worst, it could facilitate a crime or put lives at risk.

The jamming of signals is intended to interfere communication by initiating aspects which disrupt the link between two or more devices, thereby tampering with the data flow. While occasionally radio jamming can strike accidentally, there are methods in which hackers can block frequencies so that the messages is hindered.

How do RF Jammers work?

A jammer normally functions by emitting an electromagnetic disturbance, sometimes called ‘noise’, on a band at an intensity that overwhelms the target receiver, making reception impossible.

Jammers may be designed to affect specific services like the frequencies allocated for mobile phone services, satellite navigation systems, Wi-Fi or security systems.

In radio jamming, hackers utilize a transmitter that is in-sync to the same modulation & frequency as the receiver of the signal. The hacker then amplifies the power of their signal in such a way that the frequency is hidden, jamming communication. The difference between intentional and unintentional radio jamming can be identified from the receiver’s end. This is possible as when a signal has been blocked, the signal receiver can always overhear unique noises on their ends, like distorted speech, hisses, pulses and other several sounds.

The significant role of RF Jammers

RF jamming is quintessential in several tactical scenarios, such as preventing the entry of a Drone into a restricted area, prevention of remote explosion of road-side explosives (RCIEDs) and hindering the communication channels of prisoners/terrorist/riot arrangers. Moreover, RF jamming is sometimes utilized (where legally allowed) in entertainment locations to prevent disturbances of a performance via user mobile devices. RF jammers are often implemented in facilities like the roadblocks or frontiers/checkpoints, military installations, prisons and government premises.

The beneficial RF Jammers from Stratign

Stratign offers various configurations of RF jammers to meet the operational requirements of various Law enforcement agencies at all levels. Our systems are engineered and created to provide constant disruption of unfavorable communications in the most tough, strategical and extreme environments.

Below are some of the diverse types of RF Jammers we provide.

a) Drone Jammer
Stratign’s tactic towards counteracting the UAV threat is on the foundation of a Four-step workflow. Detect the possible threat with the best available prospect of detection, Locate the Drone on a digitized map, Identify the probable threat as an actual risk with the slightest possible false alarm rate, Act on the threat by raising alarms or engaging the threat with a countermeasure.

Features of Stratign’s Drone Jammer
• The system can Detect, Locate, Identify, Disrupt UAVs navigation system and data links up to 1000 mt.
• Active solution able to handle most of the trade-related drones.
• Cohesive RF sensor and jammer solution for instant action on detecting drones.
• Ability of discovering direction and position of drone utilizing several RF sensors in tandem.
• Multiple systems can be utilized to shield outsized vulnerable areas near to public places where civilian entrance is easy.

b) Prison Jammer
Mobile phones are a major contraband in prisons and one of the easiest things to carry without notice. No matter what tactic the prison implements, the inmates discover a way to smuggle the mobile phones.

For this reason, the new Intelligent Cell Phone Jammer / Prison Jammer (STN-ICJ3000) from Stratign is designed to overcome this major disadvantage by selectively blocking communications of the user within its coverage, thus allowing authorized users to operate without restriction.

Valuable Features
• The system is capable of Jamming unauthorized 2G, 3G and 4G Phones while allowing authorized personnel to communicate.
• There is no limit of phones that can be added to the block list
• The system is flexible and can be upgraded to cover larger areas or new networks
• Both Directional and Omnidirectional antennas can be used to extend the coverage range of the system.
• The system can be remotely controlled using LAN or WAN

Apart from the above, We at Stratign provide a wide range of top-notch Communication Jamming products such as GNSS Jammers, Intelligent Cell Phone Jammers, RCIED Jammers, GPS Jammers and more.

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