CDMA Interception System

Multi-Channel CDMA Interception System is a compact, innovative, state-of-the-art CDMA interception system, which can monitor and log CDMA communications in real time.

The CDMA interception system is available in different configurations based on the number of channels that has to be monitored simultaneously. All the linked systems can be configured and controlled from a central location.

CDMA Interception system is a passive high-end technological product, which intercepts, control channels and both sides of a conversation through traffic channels. The system supports IS-95À, IS-95B, CDMA 2000-1X CDMA networks.

Stratign’s GSM Interception System is another robust solution based on communication interception technology that intercepts & monitors signals from a GSM network.

CDMA monitoring system mainly consists of a receiver and software. The receiver unit takes care of processing of electromagnetic signals intercepted from CDMA network. After processing the signals, it passes the raw data to a laptop, which is connected through a cable. Control software running on the laptop is responsible for controlling the receiver unit, recording, and storage of call information and playback of selected calls.

The system automatically detects the strongest signal in a CDMA service area and tunes the receiver on it. The receiver may be tuned manually to any specific live channel. The system has the facility to get the list of live channels in a particular area after scanning to CDMA network.

The system will also capture SMS (short message service) data. CDMA monitoring system is a passive system, it does not transmit any signal to cell phone network.

Product Features

  • Automatically detects the live CDMA network frequency and logic channels.
  • Automatically measure the base station signal level and its quality.
  • Indicator on the GUI gives the current activity of the system.
  • On-line Communication interception of voice calls and SMS’s.
  • Capture and store the control channel information.
  • Playback of recorded calls.
  • Display call related information while playing the calls.
  • Automatically detects the incoming and outgoing calls (from the base station to mobile or from mobile to base station).
  • Capture and display the ESN number of the target during registration in CDMA networks.
  • Capture and display the dialed-out number.
  • Monitor and store SMS.
  • Display start time of the call.
  • Display duration of the call.

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