Importance of COMSEC


Importance of COMSEC

Communication and network security are essential to our modern life. The Internet, the world-wide-web, swift messaging, online banking, and various other technologies depend on network security; our contemporary world cannot survive without. Basically, communication security emphasizes on the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of data in motion, which is why communications in military operations have constantly played a vital role in the functionality and accomplishments of the armed forces. As military technology progresses to stay aligned with today’s threats, so do the requirements situated on tactical communications.

Understanding COMSEC and its significance!

COMSEC (Communication Security) in general refers to the security of data that is transmitted or communicated. This is instigated by ensuring the two information-based assurance pillars of confidentiality (ensuring that the information is undetected or unseen) and integrity (making sure information is unchanged), are sustained within our numerous ways of telecommunication. It safeguards traffic on military-communication networks, comprising voice, video, and data, utilized for both analogue & digital applications along with wired and wireless links.

There are several COMSEC specialties, which include the following:

a) Cryptographic security: Encrypts data and represents it unreadable until the information is decrypted.
b) Emission Security: Blocks the release or capture of equipment emissions to prevent information from illegal interception.
c) Physical security: Assures the safety of, and avoids unauthorized access to a network’s cryptographic data, documents, and equipment.
d) Transmission security: When data is tangibly transferred to stabilize the issues such as service interruption, it defends illegal access.

Moreover, each element of COMSEC fits into the procedure & process linked with transmitting a message from its inception to its reception. Every aspect is intended at blocking an enemy’s unambiguous attempt to penetrate the security at any assumed stage of the message-sending activity.

Hence, with solutions from Stratign, gaining resiliency, protection & flexibility for civil agencies, militaries and governments with the finest and superlative competencies in network services and solutions is achievable. Here’s how!

Let’s know more about the Inbuilt Secure GSM Application (STN-ISG3G) via Stratign

Stratign’s substantial experience in developing and advancing innovative defense technology solutions reflects in offering essential communication security products such as the Secure GSM software.

Being a versatile encryption software application, Stratign’s STN-ISG3G is constructed to safeguard phone calls from eavesdropping. By assuring high-quality audio and a noise-free background, STN-ISG3G offers an unmatched level of security due to point-to-point encryption with downright secure duplex communication.

In situations where the data network provides a global IP address, it functions as peer-to-peer to offer end-to-end protection. On the other hand, it can also work through the ISG3G server which can be owned by the customer, managed and even positioned at the customer’s location.

Comsec Advanced Features:

• Duplex communication: Fully secure
• Voice Calls with HD audio: Point-to-point encrypted
• SMS feature; End-to-End Encryption
• Only pre-checked & signed apps permitted, installation of unsigned apps is entirely disabled
• Fully verified boot: Covers all firmware & OS partitions
• Back-ported security with regular updates to tackle new threats
• Secure world-wide calls: No international call tariffs incurred
• Easy to operate: Via an intuitive and user-friendly interface
• Uninterrupted call conversations: Due to a clean & noise-free sound along with a speedy and stable connection

Overall, as warfare shifts to the cyber field and considering the increased risk of being hacked on elements connected to the internet, COMSEC remains to be of utmost importance as it facilitates the safety of our personal data, the privacy of our telecommunications and diverse military operations. Stratign’s technically advanced COMSEC solutions would thereby enable any defense & intelligence organization to facilitate exceptionally effortless & secure communication over a network.