Unified Satellite Phone Interception System

In the modern world, Satellite communications play a vital role in the global telecommunications system. Among the many service providers, Thuraya, Iridium and IsatPhone Pro are the most widely used Global Mobile Personal Communication Systems. Use of Satellite phones allows the user to bypass the terrestrial communication network.
Satellite phones have become popular among terrorist organizations and anti-national organizations for nefarious activites. To overcome the challenges Stratign has developed STN-SATUS to help the government agencies to monitor communication from Thuraya, ISAT and Iridium satellite simultaneously. The system can intercept calls initiated from PSTN to Satellite Phone, Satellite Phone to PSTN and Satellite Phone to Satellite Phone.

System Features

  • 100% Passive System which can intercept Thuraya, Iridium, and Isat Phone Pro Satellite Phones.
  • The system is rugged and portable.
  • Capable of intercepting traffic from up to 7 spot beams of Thuraya, up to 4 narrow spot beams of Isat Phone Pro and up to 1000 kms radius for Iridium simultaneously. (Completely Customizable as per the requirement).
  • Capable of intercepting up to 32 Thuraya, 32 Iridium, and 32 IsatPhone Pro Satellite Phones simultaneously.
  • Digital map for tracking the location of the target.
  • Geo-fencing to monitor calls from a specific area.
  • System is integrable with Stratign’s Voice Forensic Software.
  • Maintains the internal call data record for each communication.

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