GSM and CDMA Cellular Interception Technology

GSM and CDMA cellular interception technology


GSM and CDMA cellular interception technology

Cellular Intercept is the technology used to monitor cell phone calls and cellular communications.

It is possible to listen to a terrorist and/or criminal cell phone calls and gather Communication Intelligence or COMINT on their dark activities. In today’s unstable environment, the need for intelligence information is vital in preventing and combating crime. Of equal importance is the collection of evidence to convict suspected criminals. Nothing supersedes the need to stop criminals before they strike, and bring outlaws to justice.

What are the popular forms of cellular interception? GSM Intercept has become the most popular form of Cellular Interception as GSM Cellular Interception and CDMA interception together targets Cellular Networks. GSM Intercept as the primary form of cellular interception is based upon the fact that networks such as TDMA / AMPS are being replaced by GSM.

CDMA cellular interception would, therefore, be considered as the secondary popular form of cellular interception. CDMA intercept involves the targeting of CDMA Cellular Networks. CDMA interception together with GSM Interception represents the primary and secondary goals when achieving cellular interception. However, cellular interception of TDMA / AMPS is still available depending upon the geographic and demographic setup of the cellular network (this varies from country to country).

Cellular Interception GSM Intercept is tactical off the air GSM Mobile Phone Intercept System, designed as a GSM Intercept and tracks GSM cellular telephone traffic in a local area. GSM Interception for cellular interception of cell phone conversations is legal l intercept tool.

GSM Interceptor equipment is used for GSM interception to gather intelligence on suspected criminals and terrorists. No hard wired connection to the cellular provider is necessary, as the GSM Interceptor can intercept GSM signals off the air. Optionally, the GSM Mobile Phone Intercept System can be custom built to fit inside of a surveillance van in order to monitor & track multiple conversations. The GSM Interception system can also record real time off air intercept of GSM phone calls for future review. The GSM Intercept is a tactical intercept, enabling the user to pursue suspects in cities, country sides, and while traveling.

Cellular Interception CDMA intercepts, records, and playbacks CDMA cell phone conversations from a CDMA mobile phone network. The CDMA Cellular Monitor is used to monitor and store CDMA cellular phone conversations of suspected criminals, militants, terrorists, and those committing espionage.

The CDMA Intercept also functions as an SMS Intercept, able to capture SMS (short message service) data. The CDMA Intercept is a passive system, in which no signal is transmitted from the cellular interception system. In addition, the CDMA Intercept does not affect the cellular communication between the cellular phone handset and the cellular service provider. Therefore, the cell phone network receives no electromagnetic interference.

This cellular intercept system operates by automatically detecting the strongest signal in a CDMA service area. Working as a mobile phone intercept on global CDMA networks, the CDMA Cellular Monitor also intercepts and control channels on both sides of a conversation through traffic channels.

GSM Intercept System a5.1

The GSM Interception system can break the GSM A5.1 encryption algorithm used in GSM communications during real time operation enabling Stratign to track and monitor the activities of suspected terrorists and criminals. GSM Interception for the A5.1 protocol deciphers the encryption format used to secure GSM A5.1 communications.

It can also operate with the optional Word Identifier used to capture words or phrases from a pre-determined threat database. This can enable us to conduct GSM Cellular Interception of A5.1 and review communications for trigger words, names, and other audio voice codes used by suspected terrorists or criminals.

The Word Identifier is an integrated optional feature that can enhance GSM Interception for COMINT.

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