Intercepting Satellite Phones for intelligence agencies


Intercepting Satellite Phones for intelligence agencies

Over the last few years, the rise in both the frequency & destructiveness of natural and man made disasters has led to an increased focus on the application of disaster-preparedness measures. One of the prime factors which ensures the success of disaster management efforts is establishment of communication with the affected people.

Mainly, there are 2 criteria’s that need to be considered when we deliberate upon emergency communications, i.e. speed & reach. These two elements indeed play to be the strengths of Short Messaging Services (SMS) Broadcasting System of Stratign.

The high compatibility of the system with cell phone users and well-established country-wide mobile telecommunications networks worldwide is what makes SMS Broadcasting Systems as one of the profound means to send alerts or warning messages. Stratign’s SMS Broadcasting System can work with any 2G/3G/4G phone network across the world.

In fact, there are numerous examples for when this system can be applied to a recovery and relief requirement:

• To establish a reliable communication network in case of disruption of the actual communication networks due to natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes.
• When you have a group of volunteers coming at an area of disaster to help and need to coordinate further dispatching them to particular areas.
• When you require to make sure that all 1,500 people in a relief shelter are receiving important announcements/ updates.

With Stratign, take advantage of our products that are constructed to help your business efficiently & effectively to communicate during a crisis. The system coverage area can be from 1km to 5kms depending on the terrain and prevailing network conditions in the affected area.

The SMS Broadcast system from Stratign utilizes the specialized GSM technologies which enables sending imperative information messages, advertisements, promotional offers and cautionary messages to handsets. It provides a powerful messaging platform to communicate updated and the most vital information, swiftly. It is possible to start voice calls also to the target phones from the system and coordinate rescue activities.
The system also permits sending messages as & when needed for several other circumstances like political agitations, critical events, riots etc.

Beneficial Features:

• Produces a special outlook system that can identify the presence of new handsets in the place of interest and send messages immediately.
• Create a GSM network in case of failure of the actual networks in the affected area.
• Send cautionary or comforting messages to the phones which are in the area of influence of the system.
• Operator calls to the affected parties and coordinate rescue operations
• Highly portable and easy to deploy.

Therefore, with Stratign’s SMS Broadcasting System, local governments & aid organizations will be effectively able to reach out with a helping hand to those in need of any immediate emergency assistance, increasing the probabilities of lives that can be saved.

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