Rapid increase in bomb explosion in last 6 months


Rapid increase in bomb explosion in last 6 months


In the last 6 months, global terror attacks have been increasing relatively.
Recently, the twin bomb blasts at the busy junction of Somalia were the deadliest Terror Attack, which killed at least 100 people. The ruthless terror attack killed children, innocent people and left many others wounded.

” It was reported that the bomb exploded at the same intersection in October 2017 and killed more than 500 people “

In such critical situations, Bomb jammers (RCIED jammers) can be deployed. The bomb Jammer blocks radio signals used to detonate explosive devices and the high-powered IED Jammer saturates the environment with radio frequency pulses of electromagnetic energy, thereby rendering the controlled detonation.

Therefore, to neutralize such growing threats, Bomb jammers are the most powerful solution.

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