Advanced encryption for privacy of Communication


Advanced encryption for privacy of Communication

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The idea of encryption can be a complex concept to grasp because much of the inner workings are dealt behind-the-scenes. This computing process provides security by converting plain text on a digital device into random characters or codes (a form of cryptography) that can’t be read. Basically, no external party will be able to acquire your information, because to them it will seem to be meaningless. So, all-in-all, advanced encryption is one of the best methods to safeguard all your personal data from getting stolen as it takes a tour across the web.

Getting to know Encryption a bit more!

Having been evolved over centuries from letters on rolls to modern-day computing, this fundamental form of data protection has become extremely vital in today’s times. When a user sends ordinary data, known as ‘plaintext’, it travels as a cluster of characters that are random, known as ‘ciphertext’. Hence, the receiver then utilizes a key to decrypt the information received, and thereafter proceed to viewing the plaintext.

Thinking if a versatile encryption software ever existed? Well, Stratign’s advanced In-built Secure GSM Application (STN-ISG3G) is your answer!

It is created to provide you a shield for phone calls and SMS’s from being eavesdropped. STN-ISG3G proposes unparalleled kind of security due to the point-to-point encryption feature with duplex communication that’s fully secure. The in-built secure GSM software assures a noise-free background and high-quality audio as well.

It can work via the ISG3G server which can be owned by the customer, accomplished and even positioned as per the location based on the customer’s requirement. Moreover, when the data network provides a universal IP address, it mainly functions to provide end-to-end security. As an additional means, the server can as well be granted at a secure location where it can be controlled under Stratign’s arrangements.

Using Stratign’s STN-ISG3G, get to enjoy encrypted voice calls, video messages, file transfers, text messages & group chats, making communication the safest of all. Also, the problem of unexpected data theft can be prevented as this GSM phone application does not comprise of any secure calls that go through 3rd party servers.

Product Features: STN-ISG3G Highlights

Unlike a regular GSM Encryption Software, our in-built & secure GSM Application STN-ISG3G comes packed with these beneficial features as mentioned below.

•‘Point-to-point’ Encrypted Voice Calls along with HD audio
• Advanced Encryption: End to end
• Only pre-checked & signed applications allowed, un-signed installation of apps is completely disabled
• Fully verified boot: It covers all firmware & OS partitions
• Duplex communication: Fully secure
• Backported security provides regular updates to address new threats (patching).
• Availability of worldwide secure calling without any incurring international call-tariff
• Intuitive & user-friendly interface makes it easy to operate
• Customer can gain full control of the encryption & user database management when communication server will be provided.

In a nutshell, new encryption techniques are constantly being developed. Furthermore, several cyber security experts frequently evaluate encryption protocols to identify weaknesses. Hence, there’s a cooperative & shared effort by Stratign to foster stronger & speedier encryption methods and incorporate them into our secure phone applications.

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